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Change of colour of stained nubuck sofa

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For a colour change on stained nubuck, I read somewhere on your website that it is better to transform it into smooth leather because at the base the nubuck is porous.

My 3-seater sofa is exactly that.

Could you explain to me how to smoothen my nubuck before you re-color it?





First of all, you must clean well: unlike smooth leather, it is not a question of breaking the original varnish but of degreasing with the Detachment Cleaner.

As the nubuck is very porous, apply 1 good coat of Filling Resin and, depending on the colour chosen, 2 or 3 coats of Pigment Colourant.

As for all recolorations, 1 or 2 coats of Silk Varnish.

A tip: apply a thin film of Nourishing Oil between each layer of Recolorant (once dry) by massaging the leather to make the oil penetrate.




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