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here are the pictures you asked me for so they are mustard yellow so we would like to change the color please inform us





There are very few cracks, we advise you to apply a first coat of re-colouring agent before repairing the cracks. For the tearing, take advantage of sliding a piece of leather to the edge to reinforce this part which seems fragile. It seems to us that the rest of the show is without problem, the white color will be dosed in order to limit the number of coats to be applied as much as possible. 50 gr of repair paste, 3 litres of white pigment re-colorant ( we will deliver 3.5 litres because the white color has little covering power) and 400ml of Silky Varnish. We will add ( offered) 125 ml of oil "pied de boeuf" and 125 ml of sebum cleaner. the recolouring agent is applied with a foam roller or spray gun, for the varnish spread it with a damp sponge. Wait a few days before applying the varnish, you can use your living room in between.



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