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Restaurant armchair and sofa club

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I have a 2-seater sofa and club chair set. Unfortunately the cats went through there and left scratches all over the place. Not necessarily deep but numerous.

I wonder if it is possible to repair only with your cicacuir or if the application of a paste is recommended, knowing that it generates more work since recoloration etc...

thank you in advance for your advice.





We recommend that you first use our leather healing agent. This will allow the raised leather parts to be plated and glued.
The final result will not be perfect given the amount and depth of scratches your cat makes on your leather.

If your level of requirement prevents you from being satisfied with this result, it is quite possible to refurbish your wheelchair as a whole, and not just the armrest. You would be able to ask yourself the following question: "Why re-colour my whole chair?". Simply because the colour of your leather is nuanced and not perfectly homogeneous. This excludes any retouching of color.
We invite you to take a look at our club chair renovation kit here, and contact us by email or directly by phone if you need more information.


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