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Restoring the radiance of a white sofa whose colour has passed

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I just got back from my daughter's house and here's the situation:

- it has a white sofa (originally) made of leather, apparently calf

- he's about 4 years old and she's never maintained him.

- it's a family with 3 children, the sofa has been very popular

- today his sofa is "white pass", rather greyish with some traces of wear not very deep but many.

Could you please tell me if you think it's possible to restore this sofa to its former glory?

Would a good cleaning (with the products you can advise me on) be enough or will she have to're-pigment' it (I don't know if the term is correct) with white and white?

What worries me is that if she has to're-pigment' it, it means putting a lighter colour (white) on a darker colour (greyish)...

Thank you for your reply and kindly provide me with the list of products that will be useful in both cases (deep cleaning and're-pigmentation') as well as the procedure to follow.

Excellent day





Calfskin leather is a high quality leather.

The first thing to do is a good cleaning with the detachable cleaner, this cleaner degreases without discoloring, insist on the level of the head instead of the gentleman, even if you recolor this cleaning is not superfluous. Then grease the leather, especially the seats, armrests and kidney shims with nourishing oil.

Then two possible options: a good application of varnish to restore the shine and protect the existing colouring or recolour in white, which is not a problem even on grey leather, if you plan to recolour, do not apply varnish at all.

In case of recolouring, we will recommend a complete kit.



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