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Colour the corners of a "natuzzi" zeta deckchair and reduce superficial scratches (see photos)

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Hello, I would like to know which product to use and in what quantity as 8 corners are slightly discoloured (rubbing?) and there are superficial scratches; gluing is not possible! There are also some black traces on the seat, which entered the leather (a wet canvas bag with black stencil drawings was placed there)

For the color, impossible to cut out the slightest little piece!!!!! but by analyzing your color chart (ingenious) it seems to me that the n 162 looks the most. However, could you send me some samples of the same range so I wouldn't be mistaken?

I still have two more leather chairs to restore, but will see later.

Thank you very much for the help you will give me







You can indeed try to retouch your leather while realizing that you will never have perfect homogeneity (especially if you do not have the possibility to send a sample).

Here is the kit you will need: leather sofa color retouching kit

Concerning the color, choose it from the color menu of the kit above and specify in the comments of your order, want to send a color chart for verification.


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