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Tips for catching up on an already (badly) renovated leather interior

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I would like to have your opinion, your advice on the possibilities to catch up on a beige leather interior (VW Corrado) that was badly treated by the previous owner:

- the two front seats have already been recolored but the result is horrible: uneven color, relief (kind of drops), overflow on the plastic trim,...... moreover, the color does not seem the right one, the front seats are excessively lighter than the rear seat and door panels which they (fortunately) were not abused by the previous owner.

- back seat and door panels are very dirty, the color seems to have passed and have some snags

Photos to come.

What would you recommend as a product to catch up with this carnage, both in terms of leather and some black plastic trimmings on which the beige dye has overflowed?

Thank you in advance,





at this stage the only real solution would be to start from scratch and repeat your renovation in order to obtain a homogeneous colouring and repair the various snags.

For the leather part, you will need the leather renovation kit front seats and rear bench seat.
Concerning the choice of color you have 2 possibilities:

1. sendus a small sample of the leather to be taken from a hidden part (under laun of the seats for example). You can also send us a headrest!

2.choose a color from the SOFOLK or RAL color chart

If you choose to send a sample, in the color menu of the pigment recolorant or kit select the option I provide a sample. Finalize your order, and send your sample to our factory daArtigues with your order number.

If you choose the other solution, we will send you, upon receipt of your order, a numbered paper colour chart containing about twenty variations of your colour.

For the PLASTIC part, we simply offer matt black plastic paint (rather satin in reality), or glossy, which should perfectly suit you...


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