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Renovation of black leather steering wheel bmw 525 tds e39

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I am the proud owner of a BMW 525 TDS E39. A part of the leather steering wheel is very damaged / worn down to plastic.

Do you have the necessary products to restore it to its original state? If so, how to proceed (steps and products).

Thank you in advance for your prompt reply





There is no problem, we have everything you need to restore your used steering wheel to plastic.

To repair this steering wheel we will send you a piece of leather (as thin as possible), in sheep's basane, free of charge. Before any handling, you should soak the leather piece in water.

Cut the piece by adding 1 cm all around so that you can slide it under the remaining leather. Once the piece of leather has been placed, crush the edges of the notch with a mallet to plaster the two parts of leather, and let it dry for a day.

The second operation will consist in slightly lifting the edge of the tear to slide the repair paste (which acts as a glue) between the added piece of leather and the leather of your steering wheel. Gently hammer several times to definitively glue the two leather parts together.
When the paste is dry, sand before applying one or more coats of additional paste to even out and until a perfectly level and smooth surface is obtained.
Recolour and varnish according to the instructions of our kit renovation steering wheel black leather or all colours

If you have any questions or problems, please do not hesitate.





Thank you for your quick and accurate answer. I place my order immediately. Remember to attach the piece of leather with my order!


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