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Bmw leather seat retouching bmw

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I am very disappointed by the sofolk products, I took the car seat renovation kit and after careful application of the products, the color does not match at all, it is lighter, moreover, white spots have appeared.

I rubbed with a damp sponge but the stains are still visible.

Leather seat bmw boston terra.





as indicated on the phone, we would like to transcribe our conversation about your issue so that other users can benefit from it.

The color problem

Before delivering your recolouring agent, we have previously carried out 7 tests on leather samples. The comparative analysis of the data from our spectrophotometer between the colour you have chosen on the colour chart and that of our last sample is perfectly within the tolerance set by our device.
The problem is therefore not the colour produced, but the initial choice of the desired colour. We are aware that it is not always easy to choose with certainty from a colour chart, which is why we always advise to send a sample of the leather in the expected colour.
In order to "correct" your color, we will send you a small bottle of recolorant to mix with the one you received.

The appearance of white spots

There are two possible reasons:

1- you have not applied enough layers of recolourant to remove them2-
your leather is porous in places and absorbs more of the recolourant. Perhaps you have overemphasized with acetone or sandpaper the important stains that were present on your leather...

Anyway, to solve this problem, you will need to apply repair paste on these areas. The paste allows (in addition to filling cracks), to waterproof the leather. Follow the instructions for use. No need to sand and clean again, the paste can be perfectly applied before and between several coats of recolourant.

To all Customers who read this message:

Contact us if you encounter any problems and do not remain on a disappointment by questioning our products.
Our products have been in use for several decades, in 99.9th cases the problems come from the use we make of them!


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