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Torn golf seat stitching

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Hello, can you please advise me to repair my sewing of the golf seat at the level of the seat that has been ripped off, thank you in advance, cordially.





Your tear is located at the central seam. This complicates the repair a little bit because this area supports your weight and is therefore subject to more or less important stretching (in relation to the weight but also to the hardness of the foam).

The most solid solution is first to soften the leather with one or more applications of nourishing oil. Then slide a piece of leather at least 20cm X the length of your tear 7cm. This piece of leather will be inserted between the foam and the leather.

Ideally, you should first laminate with the RepaCuir, and before the product dries, do some sewing with a curved needle. Bring the torn leather as close as possible to the torn leather and sew the 2 edges together with the previously added piece of leather underneath. In this way you will obtain a good, solidary and lasting repair.
You can fill in the leather gaps and hide your surface seams with the RepaCuir.

Aware that sewing is not obvious, seamless lamination is possible and "should" do the trick but without any certainty. The lack of leather will have to be filled with the reupholstery.

Once your repair is done, you will have to recolour your entire seat. We recommend that you recolour at least the 2 front seats with our "2 car seats renovation kit" for a perfectly homogeneous look.

Do not hesitate to contact us by phone, we will be happy to advise you as best we can!


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