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Colour change bmw dakota crembeige leather cowhide leather thickness 1.1 1.2 mm to elfenbein weiss

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Hello I bought on the internet the complete saddlery of a BMW. Unfortunately the seats are a little damaged and cracked and the color is Dakota Creambeige, and my vehicle is Dakota Elfenbeinweiss.

The quality of my leather is cowhide leather with a thickness of 1.1 1.2 mm. I will send you 2 photographs. One about the leather to dye and repair and the other about the elfenbeinweiss color I want to have.

Thank you for giving me your personal opinion for this operation (need in quantity for the complete interior and the mode of application of your products, and delivery times thank you.





the colour change will not pose any particular problems because the current tone of your upholstery to be recoloured is relatively clear. However, you will need to apply at least one additional coat of leather paint.
We have already manufactured the elfenbeinweiss ivory white colour for other customers, so there is no need to send us a sample.

Since you also have some small repairs to make, we recommend the leather renovation kit for front and rear seats. However, we must be reminded in the comments on your order that this is a change of colour. We will add 500ml of additional recolourant free of charge or we will dose it more strongly.

This kit contains all the products required (including accessories) to carry out leather repairs, recolouring, protection and rehydration. The only thing that is not understood is acetone (which you can find for less than 5 euros everywhere).

We are at your disposal for any further information.




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