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No luck really

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Hello, after some concerns with the re-coloring of the imitation leather of my car interior which has undergone an untimely color change due to changes in your supplies of'white' (info provided by you) and while I am waiting for a new shipment to finish with the driver's seat and some trinkets, I just tested the renovation of my dashboard by starting with the frame of the ignition key which is removable, well took it because the color, applied to the pad, marks enormously and the finish is awful, traces of pad passages and white marks appearing when drying. It is not, without a hesitation, the quality of painting that is needed and not in this format.

Advice? because I had ordered a 400ml aerosol (water) can, I received a 200ml bottle, in view of the result, I would have preferred that you could have made it impossible for me to make my shade (information that was given to me by phone following my call after delivery which is very practical) so that I can switch to an aerosol can (with solvent). Again, waste of time and money because I feel that I will have to order a solvent bomb at my own expense.

Thank you for your advice







The plastic water-based recolouring agent we have delivered to you has so far not posed any application problems, it can be applied with a foam roller without difficulty, but it is less resistant to friction than the solvent based one. You have ordered the water-based product that we have just started to pack in aerosol and which poses some problems in terms of spraying, that is the reason for the delivery in a can, we have supplied you 250 ml of recolouring agent, the aerosol only contains 200 ml. Your problem for the recoloration of leather comes only from the origin, what you forget to specify, is that you ordered a recolorant for leather and not for leatherette, the composition of departure registered is that of the product for leather that is why we have a difference the white not being the same, we have just sent you a second aerosol. The orders of recolouring by small quantities often pose problems that is why we have increased the quantities of recolouring in the kits.

The solvent based plastic recolouring agent is currently only available in black, white and about ten grey. On the other hand, we will condition your re-colouring agent in aerosol, please return it to us.


The SOFOLK team


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