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Cracks on the driver's seat seat

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Hello, a little crack that I didn't take care of in time is lying on the seat of the conductive seat of my fiat 500.

The seat is in my opinion made of leather or black imitation leather.

What products and advice can you give me to stop this degradation?

I can provide you with a photo of the headquarters if you wish.

Thank you in advance.






Repair is quite possible. You will need one or two leatherette hook repair tubes that you can find here: Choose glossy black.

Once the product is correctly spread, think of using a tool (pencil, screwdriver, or other), to reproduce as best as possible a few small holes in order to respect the appearance of your leatherette.

If you want an invisible repair, you will have to re-colour the entire leatherette (and not just the repared part), with our solvent aerosol leatherette re-colourant that you can find here:


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