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High abrasion resistance + UV protection and mould retardant
Includes catalyst/hardener for enhanced performance
Aqueous product for sponge or spray application
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Benches, Sun Loungers, Captain's Chair, Cushions: For Efficient, Easy, and Quick Protection of Your Boat's Equipment!

Protect and enhance your marine upholstery with our Marine Varnish, specially designed for demanding outdoor environments.

Suitable for most materials like faux leather, skai, vinyl, PVC, and leather, this varnish offers a complete solution to maintain the appearance and durability of your expensive marine equipment.

Main Features

  • Available Finishes: Satin, Matte, Glossy
  • UV Protection: Yes
  • >Mould retardant: Yes
  • Product Type: Water-based product
  • Application: With a sponge or spray gun
  • Compatible with: Faux leather, skai, vinyl, PVC, and leather*
  • Coverage: Approximately 15m² (in one coat)

Perfectly Suitable Supports

  • Benches
  • Sun Loungers
  • Captain's Chair
  • Cockpit Cushions
  • Cabin Mattresses
  • Padding Panels

Benefits and Usage

Our marine varnish comes with a catalyst bottle. This catalyst is essential for enhancing the efficiency of the water-based varnish by accelerating polymerization.
Adding the catalyst significantly improves the varnish's performance, providing enhanced protection.

Key Points:

  • Friction Resistance: Improves resistance to friction and wear thanks to the catalyst.
  • Improved Waterproofing: Ensures optimal protection against water, ideal for marine environments.
  • Durable Protection: UV protection preserves the appearance and integrity of your upholstery against sunlight.
  • Mould retardant: Incorporating an anti-mould biocide limits and delays the appearance of mould.
  • Finish Versatility: Choose from satin, matte, or glossy finishes for a personalized aesthetic while benefiting from robust protection.

Our Tips

  1. For multiple applications, we recommend adding the catalyst at the last moment in proportions of 5% by weight of catalyst relative to the varnish.
  2. Apply 3 or 4 coats before each season of use of your boat, especially in the most stressed areas.

Instructions for Use

  1. Surface Preparation: Thoroughly clean and degrease the surface to be treated using Sofolk Cleaner / Stain Remover
  2. *Before mixing the catalyst and generalizing the application, test on a small area of the support to be treated. Apply one or two thin coats to ensure good adhesion and compatibility of the varnish. After 24 hours at 20°C, the product should be dry to the touch and adhere perfectly.
  3. Mixing the Varnish and Catalyst: Add the catalyst to the varnish according to the indicated proportions and mix well.
  4. Once the mixture is made, you have a maximum of 4 hours (at 20°C) to apply the product.
  5. Application: Apply the mixture with a clean, pre-moistened sponge. Remove any bubbles before they dry. Application with a spray gun (0.8 to 1mm nozzle) is possible for uniform coverage. For optimal finish and protection, apply several thin coats, allowing each layer to dry in between.
  6. Application Temperature: +5 to +30°C.
  7. Drying at 20°C:
    Dust-free: 2 hours.
    Dry to the touch: 3 hours at 20°C.
    Recoatable: minimum 3 hours.
  8. Water-based product: clean tools with water.

Boat Marine Upholstery Varnish is the ideal solution to protect and enhance your marine upholstery. Its water-based formula and the addition of a catalyst ensure superior resistance and increased durability.

Give your marine equipment long-lasting protection and impeccable shine with our high-quality marine varnish.

Available in 1 LITRE + CATALYST 50ML.

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