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Renovation of boat seats

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Some parts of the Skai seats on my boat are literally burned by our tropical sun. I even feel like I can see the weft of the fabric in places. What product can you offer me to renovate this equipment? What is the covering power/m2?

Please answer me as soon as possible, I would like to proceed with this repair while the boat is in fairing.





You can replace the missing leatherette coating layer with our leatherette repairer. This product is available in black or white. Before using it, you should scrupulously follow the instructions for use because leatherette is actually a kind of plastic deposited on a fabric weft, and the plastic requires careful work.

To hide your repair, you will have to repaint your leather upholstery in the colour of your choice. We offer water-based paints in black, white or in the colour of your choice (custom-made from a sample for example). Skai paint is available here!


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