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Peugeot coupé 406 chestnut leather repair

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I bought a repair kit for scratches on the steering wheel and seats of a 406 Peugeot chestnut color coupe.

The repair on the steering wheel was easy and perfect but the colour was not suitable on the seats because of the use of the white repair paste but also because the colour of the seats is actually different.

So I sent Sofolk a leather sample of the seats and asked for black colouring. I received in return and very quickly the two bottles: reference color 629 for the seats and black color. The new colour is perfect and corresponds to that of the seats and by adding a very light dose of black in the first coat I was able to make the gap between the two disappear.

My satisfaction is total, so I highly recommend this company for its reactivity, efficiency and excellent commercial relations.

I also recommend these two colours for any Peugeot/alezan owners: chestnut for the steering wheel and 629 for the seats.

With kind regards,


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